Tuesday, March 8, 2011

a few quick tid~bits. . .

i'm so sorry that i've been neglecting my newly resurrected blog.  i haven't really meant to. . . .it's just kinda happened that way.  sooooo, very quickly. . . here's a few things i wanted to mention:

~~ totally COMPLETED my first half marathon in new orleans and even beat the time i was hoping for.  it was an AMAZING experience and it was so worth all the time and effort it took to do it.  i'll share more later.
~~i'm actually considering another half in about 8 weeks.  it's here in my hometown and won't be nearly as much fun, but that's ok.  i may do it anyway.
~~we're looking forward to visiting with our family during spring break.  we always have so much fun when we get together!!!
~~i'm REEEEELLY trying to get my house more organized.  that's one of my personal goals for 2011.  i'm thinking of posting a list of all the projects i wanna complete this year somewhere on this blog.  like on the side maybe??  i'm so NOT blog~savy.  i need blog lessons.
~~i signed up at http://www.myfitnesspal.com/.  its a free online service that helps you track calories and exercise.  pretty awesome so far!!  now. . . if i can ONLY stay w/in my daily calories.  ugh.  . . . .
~~super excited about DATE NIGHT friday w/my man.  he's waaaayyy precious and we hardly EVER have a date.  we're swapping out w/a GREAT friend.  it's a wonderful way to save money.  you should try it sometime.
~~ok. . . i'm sleepy now and just wanted to say hello.  thanks for stopping by. . . hope you come again!!