Wednesday, January 26, 2011

i'm obsessed with organizing. . .

for those of you that really know me, you're SNORTING w/laughter at my title.  because i am so NOT organized.  but see. . . that was the OLD me.  i'm the new and improved 2011 me now, and she is going to be INCREDIBLE and INSANELY organized.  just wait. . . you'll see.  it's gonna be CrAzY!

so. . how am i accomplishing this?  well. . .it's a process.  i started by cleaning out my closet.  it was AWESOME.  that lasted a few days, unfortunately.  now there are clothes and shoes and other stuff piled in the floor.  i'm thinking the closet should not be a place i get dressed in.  you know how we all have those days where we put on an outfit only to quickly rip it off and replace it w/another.  sometimes it also gets ditched and replaced.  you get the picture.  all THOSE clothese are still in the floor.  sundays are the WORST day for me b/c i havta find something i actually WANT to wear to church.  ok. . .so the closet is back on the to~do list.

next HUMONGO project is the office.  it. was. TERRIBLE.   i've started by simply throwing out all the papers/trash.  BRACE YOURSELF. . . . i threw out 2 and 1/2 bags of trash PLUS a basket for the recycle people. (b/c we're all green like that. ha.)  i haven't even gotten to the cabinets and drawers through.  that was all from the shelves and countertops.  we are not nasty people.  i promise.  even though i did almost have an asthma attack from the dust.  and i don't even have asthma.  moving on. . . . i hung up a cork board and a dry erase board on one wall and it looks really cute :)

after i finish the office, i'm moving on to this middle unoccupied bedroom that's like a no~man's land.  there's a buncha stuff in there that i don't really believe belongs to anyone.  plus my treadmill.  if you open the closet in there, you'd best have a yellow hard hat on.  because something bad is gonna happen.  the room needs a purpose.  can anyone direct me???  maybe having a purpose would be a good start.

before the end of 2011, my goal is to go thru each and every cabinet, drawer, and closet in this house and CLEAN IT OUT!!  i better go buy lotsa garbage bags and dust masks.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

thoughts on food. . .

okay so here are a few random rants thoughts on food i've been having lately:

~why is some "seemingly healthy" food really just bad, evil, fattening food in disguise.  example:  the grilled chicken sandwich at abner's will NEVER be consumed by me again after looking up the nutritional value when i got home. . . after having eaten it.  almost 600 calories and like 30 grams of fat.  i should've just eaten 3 sticks of butter straight from the fridge.  it tasted soooooo good, though :O)
~why is it that i've eaten more fruit this past week than i have in the past two months and i've got nothing to show for it. . .except an empty fruit drawer in the fridge?
~why can't a pb&j sandwich be a healthy, low~calorie food?
~why is it COMPLETELY UNFAIR that burning lots of calories=LOTS MORE HUNGER???
~why is it waaaayy more expensive at the grocery to buy whole unprocessed foods rather than processed ones?  seems like cost~wise it should be the other way around, right?  i mean. . aren't unprocessed foods. . . . ummmmm. . i dunno. . . UNPROCESSED???  therefore being more cost~efficient? ummm, no.
~why do i have to be sooooooo freakin' obsessed w/mexican food.  its wonderfully and wickedly delicious. . . and i love EVERYTHING about it.  i wish i had some chips and salsa right now.
~why is it so much easier to do what's bad for your body than what's good for it?  maybe that's just all in my mind.
~how is it that i can get my tail out to run for a LONG way and work really hard training for a half marathon and all, but i can't be strong enough to follow a seemingly easy healthy mealplan??!!
~okay so that's all the encouragement for today folks, haahaha!


your hungry friend :O)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

running. . . part two

so.. . .after making the 3 mile mark i decided that i wanted to run a 5k.  because i'm thinking that less than half of the population will ever do one and maybe it would be cool if i did one.  like one time. that's it.  that was the plan anyway.  so. . . i pick out a local 5k. . the "run with the jags" that supported a local elementary school and i showed up that morning.  INSANE CASE OF NERVES and (nervous stomach) took me WAAAYYY BY SURPRISE.  i mean . . . come on. . . what's the big deal here?  its just a little silly run. . with a buncha strangers. . who were kinda FREAKING me out looking all "seriously~elite runner" and all.  but hey. . at that stage in the game EVERYBODY who ran and wore running gear looked professional to me.  i digress. . .

so i leave the hubbs and boys in the bed and get up all early to register and then it begins.  i'm REALLY tired towards the end b/c it was pretty hilly and i was unprepared for that.  well. . . THIS IS WHAT I FOUND AT THE END> >> >

(please excuse very sweaty and unflattering picture) actually kevin had a sign too. . . i just don't have that picture.  my heart melted.  and yes. . i cried.  i swear they made me feel like an olympian.  and in their eyes maybe i was for a few minutes.

later there was a one mile fun run and kevin ran it with the boys.  he was totally not expecting that.  one of the many things i adore about him.  he will do anything for us.  so. . . this is the pic i caught of russ coming in.  i think he was like the last person. 

cuteness.  and he is so dressed appropriately for a race, right?

so. . moving on. . . i did another race a few months after that.  it was freakishly hot (in spring) and at the wrong time of the month.  yes.  i said it.  it was pretty miserable.  lesson learned. but it was the susan g. koman race for the cure.  and my paternal grandmother died of breast cancer.  i did it for her. and took her memory w/me during the run

Sunday, January 9, 2011

running. . . part one

i decided to blog about something that suprisingly, has become pretty important to me.  running.  just reading back over that makes me wanna SNORT laughing.  see.,..,., if you'd have told me about 14 months ago that i'd take up running, i would've told you that you were an idiot.  seriously.  in my high school most everyone was in band (i know, it sounds geeky ~ i'll explain in another post) so i was never really presented with an opportunity to get really involved in sports, i guess.  well. . .i did play softball in the summer but that stopped by the time i got into high school.  anyway, the most important fact here is that i never really ran. . . on purpose. . . before february 2010. 

what led me to try something new?  lots of different things. . . mainly i think it was that i wanted to really challenge myself just to see if i could.  i wanted to start something that i wouldn't quit.  i wanted to develop some type of discipline in my life.  i'd turned 35 and it was time to take control of a few things. and of course i wanted to find a way to get into better shape.  so. . . .

how did i get started?  first, i knew i didn't want to join a gym right then b/c i didn't wanna waste the money.  i'd been attending a jazzercise class and LOVEd it, but it was only a few times a week at 9 am.  i needed more flexibility.  so. . .i started the first of january (one year ago) by working out on my elliptical 3 to 4 times a week. . . for a month.  yeah, it was hard.  i hated that thing b/c it busted my tail.  looking for a good workout?  go get on an elliptical for 20 minutes.  so then i waited for a day at the end of january for the weather to be nice. . not too cold.  i just laced up the shoes and got out in the neighborhood.  that was about it. 

now. . i'd be TOTALLY lying to you if i said it was easy in the beginning.  hell no.  (profanity for emphasis only ~~hehe).  i couldn't run to the end of the block before stopping.  and that's the sad truth.  sometimes i ran at a local park.  each time i would push a little farther.  somehow it became a time for me to talk with God.  okay so mainly i was begging for His divine intervention and all, but that's still talking, right?  it took me a couple of weeks to make my first mile w/o stopping and i can still remember it.  i teared up a little feeling all proud.  then i pushed on to two and finally three.  three was definitely the hardest.  it'd been a couple of months by that time.  i remember my calves were burning so bad i was crying by the time i finished three the first time.  then i REALLY bawled and gave God the fist~pump for helping me out.  i bet the other park runners/walkers thought i was cooky. 

i rewarded my 3 mile accomplishment with this:
a  nike plus to go into the bottom of my running shoe.  the other part plugs into your ipod or iphone and it tells you how fast you're going, your distance, calories, and other stuff.  i highly reccommend this for you if you wanna start running. . .or walking even.  it's $29.99 and i've totally loved mine.

okay enough for now.  i'll share more in part two.  thanks for reading :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

randomness. . . .

a few random thoughts~~

~if there's a leash law in your neighborhood, there's probably a reason for it. 
~if you have a very large agressive dog that tries to attack my little fluffy white dog, i will not like you anymore.
~if you run down a pretty busy road in the misting rain (while looking like dookey), i promise you will be seen by everyone you know.
~after two weeks off of school for christmas break, i am NOT happy about school and work starting back again.  can we just have break more often?  isn't that what they do in france?
~sometimes you will be disappointed by your loved ones. . . .and that's a promise.
~if for almost four weeks you eat like there's no tomorrow, you will be sorry when you try to put on your skinny jeans.  and that's a promise.
~i wonder if anyone is reading this newly minted (a second time) blog of mine?
~since my last topic was a little deep, im pretty much just typing randomness this time.  i don't believe in being too serious all the time.  haha!

anyway, that's about it.  HAPPY NEW YEAR YALL!