Wednesday, January 26, 2011

i'm obsessed with organizing. . .

for those of you that really know me, you're SNORTING w/laughter at my title.  because i am so NOT organized.  but see. . . that was the OLD me.  i'm the new and improved 2011 me now, and she is going to be INCREDIBLE and INSANELY organized.  just wait. . . you'll see.  it's gonna be CrAzY!

so. . how am i accomplishing this?  well. . .it's a process.  i started by cleaning out my closet.  it was AWESOME.  that lasted a few days, unfortunately.  now there are clothes and shoes and other stuff piled in the floor.  i'm thinking the closet should not be a place i get dressed in.  you know how we all have those days where we put on an outfit only to quickly rip it off and replace it w/another.  sometimes it also gets ditched and replaced.  you get the picture.  all THOSE clothese are still in the floor.  sundays are the WORST day for me b/c i havta find something i actually WANT to wear to church.  ok. . .so the closet is back on the to~do list.

next HUMONGO project is the office.  it. was. TERRIBLE.   i've started by simply throwing out all the papers/trash.  BRACE YOURSELF. . . . i threw out 2 and 1/2 bags of trash PLUS a basket for the recycle people. (b/c we're all green like that. ha.)  i haven't even gotten to the cabinets and drawers through.  that was all from the shelves and countertops.  we are not nasty people.  i promise.  even though i did almost have an asthma attack from the dust.  and i don't even have asthma.  moving on. . . . i hung up a cork board and a dry erase board on one wall and it looks really cute :)

after i finish the office, i'm moving on to this middle unoccupied bedroom that's like a no~man's land.  there's a buncha stuff in there that i don't really believe belongs to anyone.  plus my treadmill.  if you open the closet in there, you'd best have a yellow hard hat on.  because something bad is gonna happen.  the room needs a purpose.  can anyone direct me???  maybe having a purpose would be a good start.

before the end of 2011, my goal is to go thru each and every cabinet, drawer, and closet in this house and CLEAN IT OUT!!  i better go buy lotsa garbage bags and dust masks.



This is funny becaus e I just commented on your comment you left me and I was saying how i want to take a picture of the boys' closet because you have it so nicely organized. So, see you are already doing it little by little ;) Your closet may have clothes on the floor, but, I love how you have your shoes boxes arranged on the selves and your door is a great idea. You're organizing! It all started with the pantry didn't it. -Give yourself a little credit! -LOVE YOU!


I'm VERY proud of you!! I find that when I clean out and declutter, my entire mind seems less foggy. I love walking into my house when everything is in its place. Love you!!