Tuesday, January 18, 2011

running. . . part two

so.. . .after making the 3 mile mark i decided that i wanted to run a 5k.  because i'm thinking that less than half of the population will ever do one and maybe it would be cool if i did one.  like one time. that's it.  that was the plan anyway.  so. . . i pick out a local 5k. . the "run with the jags" that supported a local elementary school and i showed up that morning.  INSANE CASE OF NERVES and (nervous stomach) took me WAAAYYY BY SURPRISE.  i mean . . . come on. . . what's the big deal here?  its just a little silly run. . with a buncha strangers. . who were kinda FREAKING me out looking all "seriously~elite runner" and all.  but hey. . at that stage in the game EVERYBODY who ran and wore running gear looked professional to me.  i digress. . .

so i leave the hubbs and boys in the bed and get up all early to register and then it begins.  i'm REALLY tired towards the end b/c it was pretty hilly and i was unprepared for that.  well. . . THIS IS WHAT I FOUND AT THE END> >> >

(please excuse very sweaty and unflattering picture) actually kevin had a sign too. . . i just don't have that picture.  my heart melted.  and yes. . i cried.  i swear they made me feel like an olympian.  and in their eyes maybe i was for a few minutes.

later there was a one mile fun run and kevin ran it with the boys.  he was totally not expecting that.  one of the many things i adore about him.  he will do anything for us.  so. . . this is the pic i caught of russ coming in.  i think he was like the last person. 

cuteness.  and he is so dressed appropriately for a race, right?

so. . moving on. . . i did another race a few months after that.  it was freakishly hot (in spring) and at the wrong time of the month.  yes.  i said it.  it was pretty miserable.  lesson learned. but it was the susan g. koman race for the cure.  and my paternal grandmother died of breast cancer.  i did it for her. and took her memory w/me during the run



I seriously love you so much! You are a rock star! I'm like crying like a dufus at the end of a running post! I just love you and I'm so proud of you! I can't wait to be at the end of that finish line next month! :D WOO-hoooOOOO!

winstead family

love this!!!!!