Wednesday, January 5, 2011

randomness. . . .

a few random thoughts~~

~if there's a leash law in your neighborhood, there's probably a reason for it. 
~if you have a very large agressive dog that tries to attack my little fluffy white dog, i will not like you anymore.
~if you run down a pretty busy road in the misting rain (while looking like dookey), i promise you will be seen by everyone you know.
~after two weeks off of school for christmas break, i am NOT happy about school and work starting back again.  can we just have break more often?  isn't that what they do in france?
~sometimes you will be disappointed by your loved ones. . . .and that's a promise.
~if for almost four weeks you eat like there's no tomorrow, you will be sorry when you try to put on your skinny jeans.  and that's a promise.
~i wonder if anyone is reading this newly minted (a second time) blog of mine?
~since my last topic was a little deep, im pretty much just typing randomness this time.  i don't believe in being too serious all the time.  haha!

anyway, that's about it.  HAPPY NEW YEAR YALL!



I like that you're not serious all the time. ;)


Yep, I saw you running :) and am so impressed! Also, glad I found your blog. I love to read blogs. I even have my own (if you even care :))