Tuesday, December 28, 2010

perspective. . ..

you know how sometimes something just keeps popping into your head for some reason?  well i believe that when that same thought or idea keeps presenting itself, oftentimes God is trying to tell me something.  i keep thinking on perspective. . .. like i need to keep the right perspective.  like oftentimes my perspective is off.  i know i don't fully have the message on perspective yet, but i'm learning.  it is SO EASY to get caught up in my own doings with my own family in my own little home that i think that everythings about me sometimes.  that's embarrassing to admit, but it's true.  God is nudging me to look around. . . it's not ALL about ME.  i'm a pretty compassionate person, or so i thought.  but what is compassion without action?  even small random acts of kindness or helping that old lady at walmart with her bags.  we are now sponoring a child through compassion international.  a beautiful little boy who is the same age as my kaden and even has sweet russ' birthday.  yes. . . we truly want to help make a difference in his life, but i also want to use him as an example to teach my own boys. . .it's not just about us.  this is a daily process for me as it's so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of the day's activities.  but i plan on taking one day at a time in 2011. . . with eyes open and looking around.  life is not just about me.


The Hungry Runner Girl

WOW!! What an amazing post and thank you for rememinding me that it isn't about me...we are here to help others! Thank you for the sweet comment! I can't wait to follow your blog:)


I am so glad y'all are doing this :) I think this is such a great way to give back and teach K-man & Russ how important this is. Loving your neighbor as yourself. You Rock my sister!