Sunday, January 23, 2011

thoughts on food. . .

okay so here are a few random rants thoughts on food i've been having lately:

~why is some "seemingly healthy" food really just bad, evil, fattening food in disguise.  example:  the grilled chicken sandwich at abner's will NEVER be consumed by me again after looking up the nutritional value when i got home. . . after having eaten it.  almost 600 calories and like 30 grams of fat.  i should've just eaten 3 sticks of butter straight from the fridge.  it tasted soooooo good, though :O)
~why is it that i've eaten more fruit this past week than i have in the past two months and i've got nothing to show for it. . .except an empty fruit drawer in the fridge?
~why can't a pb&j sandwich be a healthy, low~calorie food?
~why is it COMPLETELY UNFAIR that burning lots of calories=LOTS MORE HUNGER???
~why is it waaaayy more expensive at the grocery to buy whole unprocessed foods rather than processed ones?  seems like cost~wise it should be the other way around, right?  i mean. . aren't unprocessed foods. . . . ummmmm. . i dunno. . . UNPROCESSED???  therefore being more cost~efficient? ummm, no.
~why do i have to be sooooooo freakin' obsessed w/mexican food.  its wonderfully and wickedly delicious. . . and i love EVERYTHING about it.  i wish i had some chips and salsa right now.
~why is it so much easier to do what's bad for your body than what's good for it?  maybe that's just all in my mind.
~how is it that i can get my tail out to run for a LONG way and work really hard training for a half marathon and all, but i can't be strong enough to follow a seemingly easy healthy mealplan??!!
~okay so that's all the encouragement for today folks, haahaha!


your hungry friend :O)



I'm OBSESSED with Mexican food, too!!!!!!!!!



thanks for stopping by my blog! wishing you all the best in your preparation for your first half marathon!