Wednesday, February 9, 2011

4 days and counting. . . .

that's right.  4 DAYS is all i have left until my first half marathon.  i can't believe it even as i type these words out on this blog.  that's just CRAZY, people.  i mean crazy.  see. . . . i just last week celebrated my one year anniversary of lacing up my running shoes.  roughly 500 miles later. . . . and i didn't quit.  it's so easy to quit things that are hard for us, right?  i know because i quit enough things in my life.  anyway, to mark the one year mark, i agreed to do the rock n roll mardi gras half marathon in NEW ORLEANS!!!!!    i'm so nervous, though, i'm about to yack just thinking about it.  i'm the one who had to run to the bathroom 10 times before the senior play and before any kind of performance ive ever been in.  imagine my nerves on sunday when i'm among 15,000 other people about to run for either 13.1 or 26.2 miles.  so maybe i shouldve started with a smaller local half.  but where's the fun in that?  i like to do things BIG. . . . (even if they have to drag me out of the porta~potty and to the start line).

okay sooooo. . . i promise not to talk about running in every post. 

hmmmm. . . lemme see. . . in other news. . . it's snowing here.  the deep south has officially turned into alaska until further notice. 

yep. . that's all i have :O)

QUESTION:  what makes you nervous and how do you react?


winstead family

i'm the SAME WAY demetria! you will be fine once you get a couple miles under your feet. then you will just get caught up in the excitement! :) i'm saying this to you because i'm saying it to myself too.