Tuesday, June 28, 2011

catching up: february 2011

i thought i'd maybe go back and highlight a few things we've done during my blogging hiatus.  soooo.....here are a few fun memories we made in february:

~~at the beginnng of the month we had a VERY RARE AND COMPLETELY AWESOME SNOW DAY!!  we hardly EVER see white stuff fall from the sky in good ole mississippi, and when we do it's a BIG DEAL!!!  check out these cold little cutie~pies.....

i mean...seriously....could they BE any cuter??  hehehe. btw....that frozen interpretation of kaden's "snowman" is STILL in my freezer.  he wanted to keep it.

~~~ also during february i participated in MY FIRST HALF~MARATHON!!!!!!!  it was the mardi gras rock-n-roll half marathon in new orleans.....and it was a WONDERFUL experience. (except for the kinda tiring 13.1 mile part).  we spent the weekend there and had a fun family trip.  we visited the aquarium, which is really fabulous.  the boys loved it....as you can see.

this is sweaty momma and sweet babies at the end of the race.  they were so excited for me....it was really sweet.  kaden asked to wear my medal, but i said no.  i'm stingy like that sometimes. haha.  i told him i needed to enjoy the feel of it around my neck a bit first.
these two INCREDIBLY COOL and AWESOME people (my brother and sweet tiffany) came to give me their support and they also enjoyed a MUCH~DESERVED mini~vacay away from their sweet babies.  i can't tell you how much i love them, and when i saw them at MILE 9 just a'cheering and whooping and hollering for me.....i cried.  that didn't work out to well for me b/c appearantly you can't run that far and then just start bawling like a baby.  i sounded like a mule braying, and had to stop a few secs to pull myself together or i was just gonna totally lose it.  that's how much it meant to me to see hugh, tiffany, kevin and the boys there.  it was a beautiful moment that i'll never forget :O)
the above picture was on our carriage ride around new orleans.  i've only been to NO two times, and both times one of my fave things to do has been a carriage ride.  the guides show you lots of neat details and point out things you wouldn't always notice otherwise.
sweet babies made me signs and held them up during the race and had a different sign at the very end.  kevin helped them make them....he is so GREAT!!  obviously, he's behind the camera here.

the above picture is from our visit to the BUG MUSEUM.  it was actually VERY cool ...with different types of bugs from all over the world.  needless to say, it was a big hit w/all three of my guys.  i just kinda kept a safe distance from the glass.

look at the lovely architectural details in the picture above.  BEAUTIFUL!  random unknown fact about me:  i used to want to be an architect growing up. 

ADOPTION NEWS:  look to the left...i've updated our timeline.  things are starting to move along...YAY!! we are presently waiting on our FBI fingerprints (the first set) to hit our mailbox so we can then proceed with our i800 application.