Wednesday, April 27, 2011

HUGE (and i mean REALLY big) NEWS~~

after months and months of prayer and conversation, we have decided to adopt a baby girl from china!!!  lemme give you a sec to pick yourself up off the floor. . . (tic tok, tic tok).  you ok now??  i know. . . it's SHOCKING news to many of you, but believe me. . . we are THRILLED! (and a little nervous).  kevin and i have been talking about this for sooooo long, and then we committed to just seriously pray about it.  i'm telling you God has a BIG plan for us for for our little girl and only HE could bring this into being.  later, i'll explain to you how/why we came to this decision.  for now, though, here are a few answers to questions we are getting:
~no, we don't know who she is yet.  we have to do lots of paperwork and "official" stuff FIRST and then wait on a match
~she could be between 1~3 years of age when we get her
~we WILL have to travel to china to pick her up
~ she will come from an orphanage (most likely)
~she will have mild medical needs that could possibly be corrected/easily managed here in the US
~yes, our boys are SO EXCITED!!!

so. . . we also have chosen a name for her. . .LANE.  please pray for LANE as she waits for us to come for her.  please pray for us as we take all the necessary steps to do so.  thank you and God bless~~

"a father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling.  God sets the lonely in families. . . "  psalm 68:5~6



"Hallelujah ~Praise the Lord!" ~So excited! I'm going to be an aunt :D I'm so glad you've finally decided to go public with the news. Now I can be excited and jump up and down like a crazy person and I don't have to secretly keep it to myself. I can not wait to see her and smooch all over her -precious girl! -Love You!


congratulations! My best friend adopted a little angel from China. She is 5 now. They just came to visit us here a few weeks ago. She was their 2nd daughter and and they also have a son. This was quite a journey for my friends lots of papers, interviews and waiting but in the end they got this little angel. She did have some health issues but now she is perfect, just small. she was just over a year when she came home!
Lane is a beautiful name.

jenny winstead

i am SO happy for you and your precious family! I can't wait to read about your journey. shan has always had a heart's desire to do this very thing, but i've always been too scared. maybe the Lord will open my eyes to this wonderful journey someday. i love you and will be praying for patience for you! :)