Friday, August 26, 2011

satan will attack.....

first of all, i want to thank Ashley, for sharing a link to the following blog post on facebook.  i read it this morning, and i have to is RIGHT ON the money, yall.  The basic idea of the post is that when a family steps out in faith/obedience to adopt a child, they should be prepared for satan's attack.  i won't go into the details here, but i have to say that the past several weeks have been very challenging for our family in numerous ways.....and i KNOW in my heart that satan's just trying a throw a wrench in the plans.  i know in my heart he'd rather us leave Lane in china.  i know it as surely as i know the sun was shining earlier today.  But thank GOD that GOD is on our side!!  He'll see us through challenges, both big and small, as we continue on this journey towards our daughter.  you know, the same can be said for every person that's doing something God wants them to do...whatever it is.  satan doesn't like it one bit, and he wants so much to mess up God's plans.  are you stepping out in faith in a new direction?  keep looking up!




I will continue to pray for a speedy adoption for Lane. You are exactly right about Satan. He sure does love to mess up our plans when step out in faith to Gods call. Hope the new school year is going well for your boys!



Keep your head up- Looking straight to Jesus. There's going to be days that He's the only way you will get through it. Yes, Satan will attack you and your family. We know all about it, but God is sovereign and powerful. Pray pray and pray some more. He is worthy. Your daughter is worthy. Love u! Praying with you!!