Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer happenings....

We didn't go to the beach this summer (like we usually do). Obviously, we are trying to save money where we can to apply to our adoption. So, we celebrated a "stay-cation" at home. I had to talk Kevin into still using his normal vacation time. But we had a great time together!! We enjoyed our favorite Mexican restaurant on kevin's last day off work! Love my favorite guys!!!

The boys got very creative in the backyard as well. I call this our "redneck yacht club". See his little boats??? Haha!!

We did a lot of jumping!

We caught ALOT of bugs and lizards!! I accidentally cut the bug out of this picture but I was more concerned w/how absolutely ADORABLE my little red-head was looking at the moment :):)

We enjoyed the 4th of July balloon glow in our town!!

And we enjoyed lots and lots of time at the pool!!

We only have one week left before school starts and I'M NOT READY!!!! I don't care much for structure and routine and I'm not ready to force myself and my boys back into that way of life. So....I guess we better enjoy this last week of free time!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!! Btw...I adore comments :)

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