Wednesday, July 13, 2011

it would've been your 87th birthday....

so this post is a few days late, but sunday would have been her 87th birthday.  my of the most influential people in my life.  she passed away a little less than one year ago now, so she'll be celebrating with Jesus. now THAT'S a celebration, for sure!  and she's not bed-bound anymore like she was at the end of her life.  she's running and jumping and laughing and smiling.  and i'll see her again one day.  my granny was incredible. she ALWAYS had time to listen to me talk...about any and everything.  we had so many great conversations.  she gave me great advice....the kind that comes from a lifetime of living....and never judged me for whatever it was that i had to say.  she understood when many times those around me did not.  we would both climb up in her tan recliner and watch tv together.  i wish we could do that right now.  she always had the most beautiful fingernails and her hair was always just right.  she took pride in her appearance and always looked so pretty and just "put together".  she was also funny and sassy....two of my FAVORITES qualities in a person.  she had SPUNK and was not just another passive southern belle, but she was a southern belle...if that makes sense.  i miss her so much.  i love how she pointed me to Jesus and mentioned him in her day to day living...not just on sundays.  i have her bible now and i took it to church with me this past sunday...her birthday.  she used to love the song..."you are my sunshine" b/c my grandaddy would sing it to her.  he is singing it to her in heaven right now i bet.  well....granny ....i love you so much and thank you for each and every moment you invested in me and the person i have become today.  i only hope that i can continue to make you proud. 

"you are my sunshine,
my only sunshine...
you make me happy,
when skies are grey.
you'll never know, dear..
how much i love you..
please don't take my sunshine away."

i love you...

above picture was the very last one we had taken together.



I love this picture of you and granny holding hands. I know how you miss her and just how much she meant to you -to us all. She was a fine lady and I'm so glad to have known her. -Thanks for adding my song to your playlist. I'm glad we have that memory to share and I'm glad you understand. Thanks for being willing to go there with me, you are so sweet for offering. I think it would be one gigantic cry fest if we did. But, maybe that's what we need sometimes...a good cry. :) -Love you!