Tuesday, July 19, 2011

the necklace and lemonade stand~

one of the most memorable things that was said to me (by my friend jamie) at the very beginning of our adoption process was....."you just be obedient and watch God SHOW OUT".  well....we're taking this adoption one step at a time (b/c there's really no other way you CAN take it) but God is DEFINITELY doing some VERY COOL things for us.  just listen to these two most recent examples:

the necklace~~
about one week ago, i had listed some items on craigslist and a very sweet late middle~aged couple came out to purchase one of the items.  they were both extremely friendly, and i felt comfortable with them immediately.  the woman was very attractive and "put together".  those of you that know me well, know that i LOVE jewelry.  well, she had on a great looking casual necklace.....and i just naturally commented on how pretty it was.  we all talked for quite some time, and i explained to her that we had this particular item left over from our adoption fundraiser/garage sale.  i explained to her how we were adopting from china and they listened intently.  when it came time for her to pay for my item, she asked if i'd like to trade it for her necklace since i liked it so much.  i hesitated, b/c jewelry is a weakness for me, most definitely.  but, i'm trying to scale back (obviously) in spending, and here i was trying to MAKE money on this chair to add to our adoption account.  sooo.... i finally did say thanks, but no, i'd better not right now.  so, she completely understood and they handed me the money and prepared to leave.  right as she was about to head off, she stopped and just TOOK OFF her necklace.  she just handed it to me and said...here...i'm supposed to give this to you b/c i know you are supposed to have it.  i just stared stupidly and said...i can't take your necklace.  she said ....yes, you can, and you're supposed to have it b/c God impressed on me to wear it for some reason today and now i know why.  it's b/c he wants me to give it to you.  WELL..... instant bawlfest on my part.....in front of COMPLETE strangers.  it was an incredible moment.  i mean....people just don't DO that sort of thing.  God is so kind.....

the lemonade stand.....
this was another complete and total surprise to me and it really warmed my heart.  a good friend of mine, Gina, contacted me to say that a friend of hers was going to host a lemonade stand for Lane and gina and her girls had been invited to help.  i hardly knew this other girl, renee, at the time.  we had met a few times at the school and at a party one evening.  to think she would want to help us when she hardly knows us at all is completely amazing to me.  so.....two days later, i pull up in front of the SWEETEST, most ADORABLE lemonade stand you can possible imagine.  it was manned by 4 of the most precious little girls (and their mommas) and they even had fun little signs w/glasses and lemons on them.  those girls worked so hard out in the HEAT....and after several hours, they'd raised $133 for LANE!!!!!!!  just thinking about it now gets me all teared up.  how selfless of them (and their sweet mommas) to stand out in the heat for us.  they all wrote sweet notes in lane's book, and i can't wait to tell her all about her lemonade stand one day.


after 6 weeks and 1 day of waiting....our FBI fingerprints FINALLY cleared.  this was our first set of prints, for state purposes.  now...as in TOMORROW MORNING....i'll mail off our i800 application for US customs and immigration.  we'll receive an appointment time from them for a SECOND set of prints for federal clearance and then get something back in the mail to put into our dossier.  This is all so foreign to me and we are certainly learning alot as we go, but each little step brings us one step closer to LANE....and that's really all that matters.