Saturday, February 4, 2012

One HUGE step closer!!

I realize this pic is sideways BUT...we got our LOA (letter of approval from china)!!!!!! This is a major step towards our sweet baby girl and we are just incredibly blessed by the fact that it came on DAY 49!!!!! Many families are waiting 90-100 days more for this PRIZED piece of paper. Once again....God showed out....and I'm so thankful!!

Seriously...I'm definitely giving Him all the credit b/c we did nothing to deserve the way things have been so smoothly proceeding. I've been meaning to put this info on my blog for a while now b/c the LOA was dated 1/20!!! Now our agency says we will travel in approximately 12 weeks from that date. WOW!!!!!!!

Soooo.....things are starting to fast forward around here just a bit. I'm beginning to make plans for Lane's room, and Kevin put the crib up. It was used by BOTH our boys....and I'm so glad we kept it!!

Can't wait to see her cute little self playing in her room. I'll post pics when it's all done :)

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