Friday, May 6, 2011

OUR ADOPTION DECISION: more background info. . .

so i was stalking these adoption blogs. . .especially ones that focused on adoption of Asian children.  i poured over all the details. . . wondering if this was really something we were called to do?  After much discussion, Kevin and I agreed to pray about it.  and we did for quite a while. . . without discussing it anymore.  that was a hard time for me b/c i was wondering what he thought about it and what was going on in his mind.  i personally wavered back and forth between yes and no.  i wondered how adoption would affect our two boys.  i considered the cost financially. . OVERWHELMING!  i (selfishly) realized i would be giving up some "free" time and also probably some work as well.  i worried about the "special needs" part. . . what would that entail, exactly?  i'm telling you. . . . this was no hasty and unthought~out decision.

at the same time, i researched orphan websites and educated myself on the plight of these children.  there are between 143~147 MILLION orphans in our world today.  did you have any idea or does that number surprise you as it did us?  as you probably know, China has practiced the "one~child" law since the 1970's, and this results in the abandonment of many children.. . .especially girls.  i felt my heart drawn there.  . . for those sweet babies that don't have any hope or a chance in life.  could we do something completely RADICAL and bring a sweet baby girl from China into our home????  was this on our LIST of things God had for us to do in our lifetimes'?

Finally, we both had an answer.  Kevin came to me very late on Palm Sunday (what a great day!!) and said he felt like we needed to go ahead with adoption plans!!!!!!  it was a sweet time. . . he just out of the blue said "i don't know how i'll handle two sweet girls in the house."  i was like. . . WHAT DID YOU SAY?? and he just laughed. . . .

so we kept it a secret for most of that week as we researched agencies and waited to go tell our parents in person.  on Good Friday, kevin was off so we were able to make the hour and a half trip to tell all three sets and got back late that night.  it was an emotionally exhausting day.  they were all very surprised b/c we had kept this all to ourselves while deciding.  we didn't want to be influenced by outside opinions. i know they'll be completely in love with Lane when they see her.

so. . . that's where we are for now.  thanks for following in this journey and we appreciate your prayers.  also. . .i really do love comments :"}


jenny winstead

i'm SO happy for yall! your boys will be AWESOME big brothers!!!!! lane will be one blessed little china doll. :)

Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton

you love comments and i love you!

we cannot WAIT to love all over lane when she gets home! she is already ordained to be your daughter here and it is going to be SO incredible to see her join those boys!


I just saw your comment on my blog. I'm so excited for you and your family and will be praying for you! Please email me or find me on facebook! I would love to help you in any way! It's a tough (emotional) process and it's nice to have someone in your shoes to talk too! I have a blog specifically for
Her pics are posted there!

Mysty and Anthony

AWWW!! it really is a HARD decision and I want to tell you, it will be one of the best decisions you will make! It's just like planning when you will get pregnant! It is a HARD thing, emotionally and finacially, but with God...He will bring all of that around to show you that HE is in control! BTW..Lane is my FAVORITE name, but it doesn't go well with my last name...Lane Langley! HA Plz let me know if you need anything!!!