Monday, May 23, 2011


okay so i'm falling a bit behind on blogging, right??  i'll try to keep up a little better.  i hope you enjoyed the background story to our adoption decision.  i thought maybe it might help someone who was possibly considering it for themselves one day to see how we got to this point. 

now. . . where are we in the process??  that's the question i hear most often lately.  so we are in the process of our home study.  that's when a social worker comes out several times and has an extensive interview with you and your family.  we are about to have our second one this week.  i was kinda nervous before the first meeting, but our social worker is so funny and very friendly, so she put me at ease pretty much right away.  a good sense of humor goes a LONG way with me, as my good friends all know.  if you can make me laugh, i pretty much like you.  ha!!

last weekend we had THE BIGGEST GARAGE SALE known to MANKIND!!!!!  seriously, i've never seen that much stuff in my entire life.  it was life sam's wholesale or maybe the salvation army superstore.  our friends, neighbors, church members, and even strangers donated the nicest items for us to sell.  i was simply blown away by the sheer generosity and kindness of others.  for two weeks, i gathered and picked up items and sorted them in preparation of the big day.  there was sooooo much stuff that it completely filled the garage and then started piling up in my living room and dining room and even spare bedroom.  it got so overwhelming and  i could hardly make my way thru the house.  i'm forever indebted to my AWESOME, SELFLESS friends that came over to help me prepare and organize and even man the BIG event!!  lemme tell you. . . my friend Jamie has said about our adoption to just be obedient and LET GOD SHOW OUT!  well. . . HE the tune of $3000!!!!!  yep, you read it right!  that's how much we made in our two day sale.  i'm telling you it was amazing.  people were like. . .just keep the change and even making donations!!  one lady just pulled up and handed me a twenty and said both her children were adopted.  then she left.  i've never experienced anything like it.  God is so good.  and He keeps telling me not to worry. . . . He's got this.

btw.....i've added a link to the right to wild olive tees.  we are participating in their adoption fundraising program.  check out their tees that say "adoption fundraising" and enter code RAPER0518 at checkout!  thanks!!



the part about the lady who just handed you money made me cry. just another reminder that there are so many people really care and want to help, even if they don't know you.


Hey Demetria

Katie told me about your adoption!! What a huge blessing! One of my good friends here has 5 children from Ethiopia so i understand the road you and Kevin are on! I will lift you and your daugher in my prayers. I know that God will move mountains to bring your sweet daughter home! I have wanted a Wild Olives tee for along time so I will use your code to get one!!


Demetria Raper

thank you so SO much kelly! we really appreciate the prayers!! i can't wait for the day when we get to hold her in our arms!!


SO excited to follow your blog and your adoption journey, Demetria!!! Love ya'll!!! And I LOVE her name...Lane! SO cute!!!


It was a blessing to be a part of the BIGGEST, HUGEST GARAGE SALE IN THE WOLRD.hee-hee (I teared up several times people were so generous) ...and I loved getting to know some of your friends. -I think you should post the picture at Puddleducks of your first purchase for her. -Too cute! :)


Congratulations on starting your adoption! We just started the process to our little China angel, too! :)