Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Introducing Lane Carolyn-Wen Raper!!!

First, I need to apologize to the one person still checking for an update to my blog. Ha!! I've promised myself I'll do better at blogging this year b/c I need a place to consistently document our adoption process.

On Wednesday, November 30th, 2011, we saw our daughter's face for the first time. I got the call from our precious counselor Amy around 1:00. There was a file for us to look at, and I was stunned!!! See, china releases a list approximately once a month of children that are available for adoption, and that list had already been released the Monday before. We hadn't gotten a call after that list was released, so I assumed we would be waiting another month. My heart was heavy and waiting yet another month seemed like an eternity. BUT GOD HAD OTHER PLANS!!!

The phone call came and shortly after there the referral was.....in my email box. The problem was that Kevin was at work, and our agreement was to look at any referrals TOGETHER! I called, texted ((and blew his phone up)) until FINALLY I text him to say...." I'm about to look at a file without your tail if you don't call me back right now!!". Needless to say, he left a meeting to call me and was whispering in his cell phone....asking how could we possibly have a file to look at when we didnt get a call about the last shared list!?! He had less than 20 minutes before his next meeting, so we decided to look at the File together....over the phone!! We even counted to three out loud...and opened the attachment at the same time. It was SOO FUNNY!!! And there she was.....our baby girl!! We looked at the pics and read through everything together, and then Kevin had to go. We both felt very positive about this referral, and decided to send it right away to the international adoption doctor in Birmingham, my brother (an ER doctor), and our awesome peditrician.

I stared at her pic while waiting to hear from the doctors about her medical report. I have to say, I was pretty confident that this was our daughter, and so was Kevin, but we wanted to see if there was anything huge we were overlooking that would be required in her care. My brother called and gave it the thumbs-up, as did our peditrician. We didn't even wait to hear back from the adoption doctor before we had officially accepted her referral.

And so, here she is.....our love....Lane Carolyn-Wen Raper....

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I'm cant wait to see her in person and smoochy smooch all over that sweet face. And Anna Grace can't wait to have another girl to play with :)


So, so excited for y'all!


She is soooooo precious, Demetria!!! I am just so excited for ya'll!!! Can't wait until you get your sweet girl HOME!!! :)


Your daughter is beautiful...she has a wonderful, contagious smile! We accepted before hearing back from the dr. on our 2 referrals, as well. (We have a daughter from China and are waiting to travel to bring our son home from Korea.) Congratulations!!

a blog full of weldons.

stunning!! so happy for you guys!!