Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What's up in January, part 2

Okay so....what else have we been up to in january??

Well.....we've done a LOT of staring/wishing on/praying over/obsessing over this little picture....

(I had to sneak another one in! Isn't she cute!!??!!!)

We sent her the following care package in december, and 27 DAYS LATER....it finally arrived. I hope she's enjoying it!

Another fun thing we've been learning this month is how to use Skype!! It's so much fun!! Several of our family members have an account now as well, and we love talking to them at night!! Kevin even knows how to add funny faces and special effects. Here are two of my fave people in the world playing with Skype..

(SOO FUNNY!!! Look at them!! Daddy has the funniest "mask" on and I LOVE Nancy's smile!)

We've also been putting together some of the Lego kits the boys got for Christmas. Check out this pirate ship!!

(my cuties!!)

Sooo...that's what's up so far! Hope your January is going as well as ours!!

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