Monday, January 16, 2012

What's up in January ...PART 1

Well, I'd like to say that I made lots of new year's resolutions for 2012, but honestly I didn't. "resolution" is such a strong word, sooooo.....I decided to make smaller more task-oriented goals. I'll keep you guys posted on how it goes. ONE OF THEM includes updating my blog more often.
Here are a few more:

(before the start of st. Jude half marathon in December....w/my friends Jamie and Gina)

1.RUNNING/EXERCISING....should continue even though I don't have any more halfs planned right now....

(yes...we seemed super excited BEFORE the 13.1 HILLY miles)

And one more....just for fun...

(we look a little like baked potatoes)

2. ORGANIZE THIS house... We do havta get ready to add another little person to our family....and I need to clean out. You know...REDUCE and GIVE AWAY and just plain ole THROW OUT some things! Here's a start at organizing....

The "Rubbermaid" drawer. My new rule is....if there's no top, throw it away! We'll see how long it stays this way. Sadly, I threw out one entire garbage bag full. Next up...

Kaden's room!! I had the cork board/dry erase combo left over b/c it was the only one we made that didn't sell. I also had the two shelves from LONG AGO from a garage sale. So this cost us nothing, and now Kaden has a place to put his Lego creations. Yay!!! Can't leave Russ out, so...

This is now in his room! It was an old pallet (yes, this idea originated from pinterest. I'm not so clever.) that Kevin ripped the front off of and we hung it (carefully) for Russ to put his little Lego treasures on. And yes...Kevin ripped his fave jacket in the process.....may it rest peacefully in the garbage...forever.

3. Okay so....I don't really have a picture of this one, but I want to become more disciplined with my daily quiet time. I'm reading through the new testament with my church AND we are beginning a bible study that somewhat ties into the movie "Courageous". Can't wait to see what God has in store through that!!

Ummmkay....this is getting long, and I see your eyeballs are glazing over, sooooo....part TWO is next!!

Love...Demetria :)

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