Friday, May 4, 2012

Hi everyone! First of all, THANKS for praying for us and checking in on us!! We appreciate it sooooo much!!!!! We had a pretty fun and interesting day today in hong kong. Before I go into detail, I should say......i'm not tying to give my parents/siblings heart palpitations. Ha!!! I know they're worried about us traveling, just like most parents do :)

Now.... While we are here in hong kong we are all by ourselves. There's no travel group, no guide (like there will be next week)...just Kevin and me (with our boys) trying to figure out where to go and how to get there. Probably should just stop the blog post now and let you imagine that. Ha!! No seriously, being in a place where you know not one person and can't understand many people and have NO idea where you're going is a BIT intimidating.

Today we went to a HUGE place called ocean park....a cross between a zoo, an aquarium, and a theme park. It was lots of fun and I have some great pictures to share with you in a later post. Kaden and Russ rode a BIG roller-coaster, and we saw pandas bears and other beautiful animals.

Really, The most challenging part was just getting there. We took a hotel shuttle to a busy shopping area and then had to locate (and navigate our way thru) the subway station. Next, we took another bus to the entrance of ocean park. Way. Way. Way......more complicated than it sounds. Then, when we got ready to leave we did the same confusing thing....only in reverse...and at after-work commuting time (I guess). There were THOUSANDS of people trying to navigate the subway...along with our family. I was SOOO glad to see the hotel...finally. It was around 7:30pm so we decided to order a pizza and have it delivered. Over an hour and a half LATER, the pizza restaurant worker told Kevin that our pizza had never been made and we said to just never mind ;). Because we were all ready for bed by 9/00pm, but had had no dinner, my hubby went down to the hotel lobby....and brought us all Ice cream for dinner. And the sweet ending to the crazy day we had in hong king. till tomorrow :)


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