Tuesday, May 8, 2012

pictures from GOTCHA DAY!!

so yesterday was so unlike anything i ever imagined that it's hard to put it into words.  i woke up feeling pretty calm, which had NOT been the case the day before.  i know that so many people were praying for us...probably more than any other time in my life...so how could i NOT feel calm??  We had to wait until 2:00 in the afternoon before even meeting in the lobby to leave!  we just hung out with the boys, got some lunch, and got the room ready for a baby.  finally, we met in the lobby and boarded the van to head to the civil affairs to wait with MANY other families.  there were 40 children adopted yesterday, and that room was BUSY!!!!!  there were people everywhere, so we found a seat and just waited our turn.  we found out that Lane and her caretaker were still on the way, so we waited a little longer still.  children and siblings and parents and grandparents were all over.  some kids were quiet, some were crying softly and some were screaming.  it was very emotional for everyone.  finally, it was our turn.  i grabbed kaden and russ each by the hand and we walked to the front while kevin followed us...filming.  it happened so so quickly....the nanny walked in and held her out to me.  Lane was just looking around....like maybe she had just woken up.  she wasn't crying.....and she actually didn't cry the entire time we were at that office.  i was so thankful, because i've prayed and prayed that the moments there would be as easy and as calm as possible in the midst of what i had heard was chaos.  so then we all went back to our seats and just started to look each other over :).  lane continued to be calm, and i was able to pass her to kevin. this was surprising, because i'd heard and read that often the child won't go near a man....and sometimes has never even seen one in the orphanage.  this is another thing i've prayed over for a long time.  i'm so thankful God heard :).  the boys were very interested and excited and i decided to let them briefly hold her as well.  many books/professionals tell you not to do this right at first, but i just went with what felt natural and followed Lane's cues.  The nanny that brought Lane on the 5 hour drive from her orphange stayed and talked to kevin for a while.  we were able to ask some questions about Lane and try to find out any history.  we even took pictures of her, and i thanked her for taking such good care of our daughter :).  finally, we left that office and went to the "supermarket"....which was an experience all it's own.  unbelievably busy and like 3 stories....with tons of products to choose from.  i'll NEVER COMPLAIN ABOUT WALMART AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!  thank GOD for our guide, Miko, b/c shopping for baby diapers, wipes and formula (and snacks, etc ) is a bit CHALLENGING when everything is written in chinese :).  well....there's alot more to say...but i'm running out of time, so how about a few bullet points and then some pics???

~Lane is a bitty thing...but CUTE as a BUTTON :)
~she is very calm, quiet and reserved, but is SLOWLY coming out of her shell
~she does sometimes smile at us, and enjoys watching the boys.
~she LOVES toys...and i wish i had brought a few more for her.  her favorite is definitely the stacking cups!!
~she enjoyed her first bath in the hotel sink, but did NOT care too much for the squeaking yellow ducky.
~she has a cold :(
~she slept thru our first night together, but tossed and turned and coughed.
~she likes her daddy and has smiled for him several times.
~as of today (tuesday) she is legally OUR CHILD~~PRAISE GOD!!!!!

here we are on the way....

 trying our best to wait PATIENTLY....

 borderline STRUGGLING to wait patiently :):).......
 first picture when they just handed her to me.....

meeting daddy.......

 giving Lane her very first doll (given to me by friends JULIE and JAMIE)....

family of five......

 daddy's in BIG trouble now......TWO GIRLS IN THE HOUSE.....
 meeting her brothers.......

 yep...he REALLY IS that lovable.....she took to daddy RIGHT AWAY!!!

 on the van LEAVING TOGETHER!!!!!!!


Mysty and Anthony

Oh my goodness what. Amazing pics!!! She did great!! I, too believe that it's prayer!!! Olivia KISSED Anthony the first time he held her and not one tear shed when we got her!! I always said it was prayer!!! I am so glad that she went to everyone and I'm so glad u used mommy instincts and let her go to them! Every child is different and I think we should go by their cues...I never did what others said or books, I went with what I felt was right!! You did great and I know you are blown away by her and her beauty!! I'm so excited for you and ur family!!! It's amazing right? I told u it was!!! Love all over her and enjoy her!! Can't wait to see how much she weighs and how big she is!! Praise the Lord for gotcha day and the new family of 5!!!

The DeLoach Family

LOVE!!!! I am so glad that everything went so smoothly. Only God can do that for us!! God is so good!! Isn't it amazing how He knows exactly what child to give to each family. She fits in perfectly. I have been thinking and praying for y'all constantly. Enjoy your time in China!! Can't wait to see y'all when you get home. Adoption is an AMAZING thing and I am so glad that your family got to experience it!! Love yall!!


Crying with joy. Shes just perfect and its easy to see a family compete!

The Manning Family

OMG!! I am tearing up at your words and your pictures. Demetria, I am SO happy for you and your family!!! What a doll she is & I LOVE her smiling for her daddy. I'm sure she already wrapped around his little finger!! May God bless y'all during the rest of your stay, your trip home, and your journey as a family of five!!! Love to you all!!! ;)

jenny winstead

tears. tears tears!!!!! can't imagine the feelings you had when you laid eyes on her the very first time! she's stunning! i know you are loving on her like crazy! can't wait to see you! xoxo

Jeremy and Christy

Oh Demetria, I bawled and bawled! Rileigh is looking at me like I have lost my mind! She is precious, your story is precious and Lane is a blessed little girl to have a godly family to love her and take care of her. Congratulations!!!


WOW!!!! What an amazing moment!!! Praise the Lord!!! She is just perfect for your family! So beautiful!!! Love watching how God forms families so wonderfully!