Saturday, May 5, 2012

pics from day 1 in hong kong...

 so i'm finally getting around to putting up some pics from yesterday.  i wanna do that BEFORE today's pictures, so i won't forget what happened or get too far behind.  i've just picked out a few of my faves to share with you, but there are SOOO MANY!!! 
 above is the first view out our hotel window when we finally arrived thursday evening, and then below you'll see the view the next morning.  needless to say,the boys were mesmerized!!!
 below we are venturing out to find the subway station...
 little stores like the one below are tucked in the sides of the street pretty much everywhere.

 here we are BEFORE our subway ride...a little unsure...and hoping and PRAYING we got the right one.  there are only like a BILLION stops to choose from.  ha!!

 we finally made our way to a place called Ocean Park....a combo of a theme park/aquarium and part zoo.  it was LOTS of fun and the boys LOVED it!!  it was definitley the best aquarium i've ever been to in my life.
 i wish yall could see these in person....they're called spider crabs and were ENORMOUS!!!  even behind glass, all i could think of was...."what if THAT thing got out and on my don't KNOW crazy!!!"

 we also rode this thingy...totally forgot what you call them.  the views were simply STUNNING!!!

 russ got a little tired..(okay...we were ALOT tired). ....but i love this picture of him:)
and that's day one yall!  thanks for looking.  we appreciate the prayers and all the kind words you've left for us!!!!



Had to check in one more time before I head to bed. Praying for your travel today and for you to feel better. Love to you all!