Saturday, May 12, 2012


today is an especially AMAZING day because....LANE STARTED CRAWLING FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!!! thank you GOD!!! thank you FRIENDS who have prayed for her (and us)!!! great GREAT things are happening!!! i'm simply amazed.

i'm sorry i haven't been the best about posting updates to my blog, but i am trying to post on facebook when i have time.  we've been pretty busy every day...with appointments for adoption stuff and then also some scheduled sightseeing.  we're having fun, but are also very ready to come home.  the boys are doing well, and i'm so glad they're here with us.  i can't imagine having to be here without them.  they already adore their little sister, and she enjoys watching everything they do.

Lane has made so much progress in the short time that we've had her.....i'm truly just blown away by it all.  on monday (gotcha day) she could sit up, but she was pretty unsteady. that was it crawling or pulling up.   also, she took all her food in a bottle.  since then, she is now allowing me to feed her with a SPOON and we've added rice cereal and a chinese food called congee (think oatmeal with meat) to her diet.  Even though she is 15 months old, we really have to approach everything with her like a newborn because she hasn't had the one on one interaction needed to learn many things. so with her food, we've decided to go slow...from the beginning.  when we get home, i'll begin to add baby foods (i guess) and then hopefully we'll move very quickly on to other toddler friendly foods.

tomorrow i'll try to post some pictures of the places we've visited.  Thanks for checking in on us!!