Thursday, May 3, 2012

We're in HONG KONG!!

After a LOOOOONNGG day, we are finally at our hotel in hong kong. I've never been so glad to get OFF of a plane before. We had 3 different legs to our trip....first to Atlanta, then to Detroit, and then to hong Kong. The boys hung in there the best they possibly could...and even got about 5 hours of sleep during the last 16 hour flight.

We certainly appreciate the prayers....I can definitely feel them. Everything went pretty well...with the main problem being that we lost the biys' bag which contained both of their nintendo ds' and all games. Yeah...that's pretty bad.....and really painful for the boys...but it could definitely be worse :).

We're about to hit the sack, but here are a few pics I snapped.

(below is our LAST meal in the states as a FAMILY of FOUR!!)

(above is view from our window)

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Mysty and Anthony

Oh I love hong kong!! It's beautiful. I'm so glad u made it and so sorry about the boys bag!! Where did you lose it? Man!! That stinks! Well!! Enjoy the days there and im so proud of u updating :) will keep praying!! 4 more days til u are a mommy to a GIRL!!!! And holding her!!! Yay!!!!


Yay!!! Let the fun begin!!!


halleLOUyer!! love y'all!


YAY!!! So glad that ya'll are there! Praise God!!! Can't wait to see pics of Lane in your arms!!!


Y'all have a blast. Hong kong was neat. Bringing back such sweet memories for me.
Take lots of pictures!! Love y'all